The tower house has 4 floors (each has a base area of 25m2) that are connected with a spiral staircase. The ground floor offers a bedroom with a bath (shower/WC and washing machine) and access to a generous terrace. Above it, in a gallery-like intermediate floor (mezzanine), you find here two single-beds and a small "work space“ for writing, painting or reading. Be carefull: ground floor is open to the mezzanine (see pictures) and to the kitchen.



Ascending the spiral stairs further, you reach the literal high point of the house: the roof terrace, which is open from all sides and invites you day and night to sit, talk, meditate or simply look around. Up here, it's never too hot as there is a light breeze almost all the time.

The magnificent panorama view from up here has its own appeal every time of the day. During strong westerly winds, you simply lower the transparent awning and feel just like in a winter garden.


01.11. - 30.04.
01.05. - 30.06.
01.07. - 30.09.
01.10. - 31.10.
EUR 364.- per Week
EUR 469.- per Week
EUR 644.- per Week
EUR 469.- per Week
plus EUR 80.- one-off payment
plus EUR 80.- one-off payment
plus EUR 80.- one-off payment
plus EUR 80.- one-off payment