Garden Area

From the bedrooms on the ground floor of our house "Spiti Galini" you step onto the 50m2 terrace with a beautiful pergola, decorated with blue jasmine and bright bougainvillea that provide shade and bloom competetively. This is the right place to take your siesta in the afternoon.

At the big table, everyone gathers in the evening to talk. In front of the house you find – depending on your wishes or the time of the day – a sunny or shady seat under the mighty sycamore tree or the thick, green roof of the mulberry tree. The big expanse made from flagstones is also perfectly suited for your undisturbed morning exercises.


The perfect place for an intimate conversation or a gaming night with the whole family is the - shielded, romantically hidden behind oleander hedges – pergola in front of the House Spiti Louloudia.

From the 'lodges' of the houses - the balcony of the House Galini and the roof terrace of the Tower House – you gaze, over the green of the gardens, at the sea and the opposite shore of the Gulf of Corinth with its towering mountains in the north of the Peloponnese. The white mountain tops – covered with snow even in the spring – and the blue of the sea mirror the greek colour combination.



The houses and the garden always offer you the ideal place for your individual mood, no matter what season or time of the day: In the morning, when the eucalyptus tree sends a first breeze to the loggia at breakfast, during the day, when sun and shadow exchange places, but especially in the evenings and at night, when the scent of jasmine or the strong fragrance of herbs from our "herb hill“ compete with the bouquet of your wine, when (in the spring) the nightingale is singing next door, in the distance a fox (or a dog) is barking and the moon is reflected on the sea surface. This is what the dreams of the people who spend most of their time in northern realms are made of.

You can also harvest the whole year round! Pluck flavourful lemons, oranges, figs and pomegranates directly from the tree or refine your dishes with freshly gathered herbs (rosemary, thyme etc.) directly from our "herb hill".

Families with children will enjoy all three houses just as much as couples without children. The houses are also especially suited for friendly families who want to spend their vacation togehter but also want to keep some free space for themselves.