Our three houses are situated at the outskirts of the village of Paralia Sergoulas, about 200 metres from the sea, protected from the wind in a garden area of about 1200 m², where you can harvest lemons, oranges and figs the whole year round (depending on the ripening time of the fruits). The houses are surrounded by cypresses, sycamore trees and mighty eucalyptus trees and integrated into a terrace area that offers numerous corners for relaxation.

Thanks to the generous water supply from the mountains – a river flows directly past the house – plants grow and flower almost atypical of Greece. The riverbed is dry in the summer, but there is still a lot of water available. The houses are situated in the so-called mill district (called mill district because an aqueduct used to supply a mill with water from this district in earlier times), undisturbed by the summery hustle in the village, the only sound being the intense concert of the cicadas. The houses provide a high standard of living and are partly air-conditioned. All houses also have WiFi.

The houses in the mill district (Milos) are especially suited for large families or a bigger circle of friends (up to 14 people). Smaller groups between 2 and 6 people also feel comfortable in the houses without disturbing each other. Every house has its own share of the garden and terraces.