Surrounding Area

Besides Paralia Sergoulas, it is also worthwile to visit the other picturesque villages along the coast. For the most part, they are former fishing villages with little harbours where the typical colourfully painted ships bob up and down.

The taverns invite you to enjoy fresh fish and other local specialties. You can also attend an atmospheric Panijiri (a celebration in honor of the patron saint of the respective village church; engl. Fair) with Clarina music and dancing in one of the numerous mountain villages that can easily be reached by car.



You absolutely should not miss the opportunity to let yourself be taken from the neighbouring town of Chania to the car-free island of Trisonia with one of the little "boat-taxis“. The atmosphere on the island is always very special and time loses any dimension when you sit down in one of the taverns at the harbour, enjoy your wine and fish and lose track of time. The island also offers a beautiful "natural marina“. Many yachtsmen from all over the world call at this port for their night's rest.

High mountains rise up behind Paralia Sergoulas, the old village of Sergoulas is also located here. Only a few old families still live in the village, but more and more young ones come back again during the holidays. Below the village you refresh yourself at the springs in a grove full of ancient sycamore trees. It's as if Pan, in the shape of a goatherd, passes with his jingling creatures (which may indeed happen!). A hike to this grove is absolutely worth it!